core values


Integrity is what defines an individual. The same can be applied to a company as well. We at TAD Technology, strive to be ethically right and honest in all our affairs. We do not fear telling the truth or doing the right thing even if it makes us look ugly. This is a virtue we hold very close to our hearts and it reflects in the professionalism of our employees.

Honesty is a magnet which attracts trust. At the end of the day, we strive towards earning the trust of a client and practicing honesty is how we believe in achieving it. We do not Over-commit nor do we Under-deliver. False presences do not land you anywhere in the long run. Our services and deliverable are transparent as they can be and we ensure our clients are well aware of what they are signing up for and what they can expect and when.

Value Creation

It’s the process that creates outputs that are much more valuable than the inputs. This is the basis of efficiency coupled with productivity.

We at TAD Technology pay utmost importance in understanding the nature of a client’s business or organization, finding out his/her exact requirements and expectations enabling us to come up with the best possible way to help them achieve their organizational or business goals.

The up to date and versatile skill-set and expertise that we put in to our services coupled with our highest level of professionalism is aimed towards delivering a quality result yielding service with which the client is satisfied. We ensure that our services add value to your business or organization. Our strategies are time-tested, reliable and proven to yield results and add value to a client’s business or organization.

Social Responsibility

TAD Technology has always believed in giving back to the society. We always aim at growing along with the society that we are an integral part. TAD Technology is quite active on the Social front, participating in various social welfare causes. Being a Digital Marketing Agency and an IT firm, we have always aimed at making technology accessible for all. We have always tried to help and benefit our society in our own capacity. Here are some of the noble causes of which we are an ardent supporter:

  1. Computer Literacy for Senior Citizens.
  2. Computer Literacy & Internet Connectivity in the Rural Areas.
  3. Developing computer skills for the rural under-privileged youth.
  4. Facilitating Computer Education at the Rural Schools.

We have always supported social causes which aim at making the Society more productive, efficient and thriving.

Respect Individuality

We at TAD Technology understand that each of our client is unique, his/her Business or Organization is unique and so is his/her Requirements and goals. We treat each individual and their unique individuality with utmost respect. This aspect of our core value is not only limited to our clients but also extended to our employees.

We tend to customers around the globe, coming from diverse backgrounds, having distinctive business ethics and values, each demanding individual respect born out of the trust that we so strongly strive to build. We at TAD Technology, aim at mutually understanding and respecting each other and contributing to a lasting business relationship.

The same can be applied to our work-force. We understand that TAD Technology is made up of individuals and must work together to meet the company’s goal. We have employees from diverse backgrounds each having his/her unique skill-set or talent to offer. Individualism refers to the idea that the rights, beliefs and responsibilities of each person should be more prominent than the rights, beliefs and responsibilities of a group. Paying utmost importance to each employee’s individualism enables optimum productivity.

Adapt to changes

The Technology around us is constantly evolving and with it is evolving a client’s requirements and goals. In order to cater to the constantly evolving market, one has to be able to adapt to the changes.

We constantly evolve ourselves, keeping ourselves in sync with the Technological advancements and up to date with the current technologies out there.

Our versatile and technically up to date team integrates the latest technology into the services that we have to offer ensuring that our clients have the much-needed advantage over their competitors.

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