TAD did an EXCELLENT job on our website redevelopment and we have continued the forward momentum with digital marketing efforts for the past year with great success!
When we were in the search for a website design team, I was very impressed with the overall experience. I persuaded the GM and owner of the company to pursue TAD. Finally, they gave me the OK to go ahead and we are completely happy.
Our experience with TAD in the course of development of our agriculture website has been very positive, and we are now looking into other web projects with them.
We have been very satisfied with the entire website design process and the marketing follow-up we have received from everyone involved in our project at TAD. All team members listen to our ideas and concerns and consistently come up with new ways to achieve our goals.
TAD is a very professional organization that provide us with sound ideas and also listened to what we had to share to accomplish the desired design and outlook for our website. The project managers for each segment stayed on top of things and provided excellent communications from start to site launch. I only see things improving as we continue the business relationship with TAD.
Our project manager and the whole team at TAD have really helped to build our website! Any questions I have they are more than happy to answer and if they don't have the answer for me right then they are quick to find out the answer and get back to me. I would highly recommend TAD! The team is friendly and knowledgeable!
TAD has been a great addition to our marketing efforts. The team has been great and continues to offer ways to continue improving our marketing efforts. In addition, the design and implementation of phase one of our website redesign was great. The team offered two designs and both were great options to choose from. We look forward to moving forward with completing the second phase of the website redesign.
I work with a couple other companies across our portfolio and I certainly have the best working relationship and success with TAD. I appreciate the collaboration, patience and always prompt response with our last minute requests. The TAD team always presents "guinea pig" ideas that we can test on the properties, some of which come from completely different types of establishments. I truly appreciate the ability to pivot and think outside of the box, especially during these most challenging year!
TAD has helped us successfully launch new content and pages on our website in a very timely manner. They have been beyond helpful and are always willing to refer us to an alternate solution when necessary.They keep us focused, on-track, and diligent. They have fantastic customer service.
TAD has been a key to us redoing our outdated website. They have brought color and graphics back to our site. We are very excited to have our new site online and benefit from its content for more business opportunities.
TAD has been an excellent company to work with. They were able to provide us an amazing new website that met our needs, and help us get to the top of the SEO results we wanted to. The team has been an absolute pleasure to work with.
TAD and I are working on re-vamping our homepage and store locator page. They have made the whole process very easy, fun and enjoyable.
TAD has really increased our web presence. They have created a professionally looking website that really tell who we are as a company. Our account manager really understands our goals and what we want to achieve with our website.
From website redesign to SEO, we have had a GREAT experience working with TAD. In addition to the ever-changing industry knowledge provided to us, having a timeline with clearly defined goals and milestones was, and continues to be, extremely helpful.
After a very thorough selection process, we chose TAD for our website redesign. Our project managers were assigned to our redesign and were completely professional throughout the entire process. Their communication was spot on and our virtual meetings were very productive. Any issues that arose during the process were handled quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend TAD to anyone looking for a website overhaul.
We are currently working with TAD on SEO for our existing website, social media management and building a brand new website. I always know what is going on with all of these projects and I always feel like I can call my contacts at any time with any crazy questions I have. TAD is very easy to work with!
The transition from our previous web site to our new and improved website was seamless and completed on time. We have already seen an increase in sales leads in the first week.
TAD has been truly professional in creating our Appraiser website. Using a combination of creativity and knowledge of database-driven websites, all of our expectations have been surpassed. Everything has been done in a timely manner and by showing great attention to detail. I would like to thank you for everything you have done and to say that I highly recommend TAD to all future website owners.
TAD has helped to give our website and SEO a direction that we could not have accomplished ourselves. It has been a great relationship that we will continue to strengthen together.
TAD has dramatically increased our web presence in the year we have been working with them. Their team takes time to understand your business and tailors their services to your short and long term goals, making sure all of your questions are answered. The increase in our sales leads has been incredible and we couldn't be happier.